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Cruising Along

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Congratulations are definitely in order!

You are on the right track. You’re probably passionate about what you do and, for the most part, you have it under control.
You have some systems in place and you seem to do pretty well with delegating the tasks that are not within your strengths. You also seem to be making time for yourself,family, and friends, which is great!

It’s so hard to keep our lives sane these days, but you seem to be managing quite well. I commend you for working hard to keep your personal and work life in balance as well as you do. You have a great sense of who you are, as well as respect for yourself and others around you. I know it’s not perfect, but that’s okay. It will never be perfect, no matter how hard we try.

Here are just a few things you might want to keep in mind to keep
you on a steady, healthy path.

Keep delegation on your radar.

Are there more things you could delegate to ease your workload? Identifying areas where you can turn tasks or responsibilities over to someone else will free up even more time for you and allow you to focus more time on the tasks and projects you really enjoy doing.

Keep relationships a priority.

It’s easy to lose sight of what really matters in the day-to-day of a busy life – even if everything seems to be running pretty smoothly at the moment. Always stay on guard to keep the people who matter most to you and those relationships from falling through the cracks.

Plan on a daily basis.

Daily planning will keep you focused and on track. When you take just a little time each day to go over what needs to be done the following day or in the days/weeks ahead, you’ll have a clear vision of what needs to be done and when.

Continue to make self-care part of your regular routine.

Self-care if a key component to managing life and stress. Simple things like eating foods that nourish your body, getting enough sleep, and making time for exercise and downtime all go a long way to keeping stress levels under control, as well as giving you the energy to make the most of every day.

Work within your Natural Productivity Style.

Working within your Natural Productivity Style is essential to working effectively and efficiently. It brings an ease and flow to your days that keeps that smile on your face.

If you don’t know your productivity style, you’re missing out on valuable wisdom that could take you to an even higher level of efficiency and productivity. I would encourage you to explore this!

Forgive yourself and get back on track quickly when/if things get out of control.

When (or if) you have those days of chaos that spin out of control (yes, we all have them and you will too), remind yourself to stay the course and don’t give in to the hamster wheel of stress. Step up your efforts in terms of self-care, planning, prioritizing, and delegation and you’ll be back to cruising along again in no time.

What I have found, through my own experience and working with clients over the years, is that even though someone seems to have it all together and is cruising along, we all need support and accountability to keep things running smoothly. Being organized and efficient, taking care of ourselves, putting systems in place and making the money we desire takes focused effort and access to tools and strategies that will help you reach your goals. That is why I created the Prescription for Success program and resources to help support small business owners and professionals like you.

Adding to your knowledge base and consistently implementing new strategies can help you be the best version of yourself, find clarity and focus, work smarter not harder, keep stress at a minimum, and have more time with family and friends – all while making more money doing what you love!

You should feel good about how you’re managing the stresses we all face in life and business. That is truly something to be grateful for! But I also hope you continue to be open to tools and ideas that will help you stay on your steady path.

I encourage you to consider my Coaching Programs! I have even added a Productivity Laser Coaching option, which could be perfect for someone like you – someone who is on the right track but may have just one or two specific areas you would like to tweak. You can read about the Laser Coaching option by clicking the button below.