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Based on the answers you provided, it looks like you’re going fast and hard in a very stressful direction! This puts you at high risk for “crashing” or burnout.

I say that with confidence, because I’ve been where you are.

I can also say (with confidence) that we can never achieve perfect balance all the time. Nobody is perfect. It’s more like a tug-of-war where the energy shifts based on what’s pulling on the need for your time. But you can start drawing some boundaries and making more conscious choices – for you and for the sake of your relationships and your health. Putting action to the insight you’ve gained will help you create some powerful, meaningful changes in your life.

The question is… do you want to make a change? Are you happy with where you are, or do you dream of a more balanced, less-stressful life?

I can help you determine the actions that will bring those meaningful changes. I can help you get on a healthier path to life-balance AND business success. I promise there are actions you can take that will make you stronger and actually increase your ability to achieve and succeed. You’ll just be working smarter rather than harder.

Stress in small doses isn’t a bad thing. It can energize and motivate you. It is a natural mechanism that will help us in challenging and scary situations. But when prolonged, excessive stress can become overwhelming and affect your ability to think and act properly. Everyone reacts and copes with stress differently, but when it causes negative effects in our life we need to stand up and take notice.

My story is a great example of what can happen if you ignore signs that stress is causing a problem in your life.

For many years, I tried fooling myself into believing that putting in more and more hours, working through lunch, and working evenings and weekends were the true qualities of a committed, loyal, dedicated worker. I even wore it like a badge of honor, going above and beyond to do what was necessary, to the extent that I prioritized work over my social and personal life.

After being diagnosed with a stress-induced, life-threatening illness, I finally faced the truth about my compulsion to put work above all else. I realized the choices I’d been making were literally killing me. It was my wake-up call. I hope yours comes before you’re faced with life-changing consequences. In fact, I hope yours is now!

At this point, there are some things I encourage you to consider.

What’s driving your decisions regarding balance in your life?

Are they conscious choices you’re making, or is something deeper behind it?


In my case, I think my struggles with pushing myself to achieve beyond what was healthy started as a child. As one of seven siblings, I was always competing for the attention of my parents, who both worked. I felt if I worked harder and better than everyone else, I might catch their (or someone’s) attention. So, my life turned into trying to always be the person others would admire and praise for working so hard.                     

This carried on into my career. I was always trying to prove myself. I would get a sick feeling when I would fall behind in my work or a project went unfinished, so I found myself staying behind to finish off work to prove myself and overcome that sick feeling of being inadequate. But somehow, no matter how much time I put in or how hard I worked, it was never enough in my mind.

Even when I left the corporate world to start my own business and have more control over my workload and time, I soon found myself going down that too familiar road once again.

I was so focused on making sure the money was coming in, I found myself working longer and harder. I’d start my day in my office, head back there after dinner, and then go back again before turning in. I often even found myself working into the early morning hours when I couldn’t sleep.

My thinking was that all I needed was one more sale and I would have the income needed. But I was on the roller coaster of sales-revenue-spending, sales-revenue-spending, which made that unlikely. I was stuck in that cycle and lacked insight into what was driving me, so I was never satisfied with my efforts.

Does any of that ring true for you too?

If it does, you’re not alone! There are many others out there who struggle to juggle what’s required to succeed.

I’ve been speaking with other highly driven entrepreneurs and business owners recently. While many shared similar stories to mine – an unconscious, workaholic-type compulsion to prioritize work. Others felt “workaholism” or “compulsion to work” were not accurate descriptions.

They feel their drive to succeed is a conscious choice they’re making. They have a strong desire to achieve and succeed in their careers or businesses. They’re proud of their achievements. And they should be!

Yet, they clearly expressed that success and their drive to succeed has come with a price.

  • Many of them spoke of the big doses of guilt they experience when they prioritize work over family or friends – and feeling pressured at times to choose between them.
  • Many of them spoke of longing for a greater sense of balance and the ability to work more efficiently, so they would have more time for enjoying life outside of work.
  • Many of them spoke of health concerns related to stress.
  • Many of them spoke of having days that spin out of control, sometimes feeling overwhelmed by it all, and knowing there has to be a better, smarter way to work – but not knowing what that looked like.
  • Many expressed frustration with their inability to take vacation time or truly “unplug and recharge” regularly, without worrying about what that time off would mean for their work.
  • They spoke of strained relationships or missed opportunities to have love in their life at all, because they felt they just didn’t have the time to give to someone else.
  • They spoke of missing out on important events and activities with their significant others, children or grandchildren. Some even talked about regretting the things they hadn’t made the time to do and wondered if it was too late to have those things in their life now.
  • And they all wanted to find a way to make sure the time they do spend on work matches with the financial reward they receive. They don’t want to be spinning their wheels, without getting the financial reward they’re striving for.

The important takeaway from both my story and the stories of others is that, whether you’re choosing the path you’re on or something deeper is driving you, you’re not alone.
Balance is a challenge many of us face.

And, most importantly, there are ways create healthier balance and get off the hamster wheel, all while increasing profits and results! 

You may already be realizing that all that extra time, effort, and stress doesn’t guarantee business success or that you’ll be making the money you need and want. That’s because success is really about being willing to make some changes and learning to focus on the right things, so you’ll be working smarter not harder. 

So, my next questions to you are…

Do you want to make a change?

Are you happy with where you are, or do you dream of a more balanced life – one where you have the time and energy for what matters most to you and your business?

You really can learn to work smarter not harder, build a life and business you love, achieve success without the stress, AND have time for the other parts of life that matter to you too!

Once I started the coaching side of my business and became more aware of what I was doing, I was able to make the necessary changes to break my unhealthy work habits, get focused on what really mattered both personally and professionally, and bring sanity to the hamster wheel I was on.

You can do it too!

I truly hope you’ve gained some insight here that leads to a healthier path and empowers you to start creating a healthier business and more balanced life – one that works well for you.

If you’re wondering what to do now, I invite you to consider coaching with me. We will work together to get you jump-started on the path to less stress and a healthier business and life. You can learn more about all the coaching options using the button below.