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Headed for Derailment

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Here’s the analysis of your results…

Based on the answers you provided, you’re probably living a stressful life. You’re working hard, putting in long hours, and maybe even thinking a chaotic life is normal. Be aware you’re at high risk of burnout and derailment.

Stress in small doses isn’t a bad thing. It can energize and motivate you. It is a natural mechanism that will help us in challenging and scary situations. But when prolonged, excessive stress can become overwhelming and affect your ability to think and act properly. Everyone reacts and copes with stress differently, but when it causes negative effects in our life we need to stand up and take notice.

At this point, there are some things I encourage you to consider.

  • Where does the stress and chaos in your life come from?

  • Are you consciously making choices about your time, energy, and effort or do you feel something else is “driving” you?     

  • How much of the stress you’re experiencing might be avoidable?

  • Are you pushing yourself beyond what is healthy?

  • Are there habits or behaviors that might be contributing to your stress?

  • Is all the time and effort you’re putting in bringing the results you hoped for or do you feel like you’re just spinning your wheels?

I think sometimes we tell ourselves either that stress and chaos is normal or that it won’t always be this way. After all, we’re working hard to achieve our goals and pursue our dreams and nobody ever said that would be easy, right? The “phase” we’re in is just part of paying our dues to get there.

That may or may not be true in your case, but we’re learning more and more about the effects a stress-filled life can have. And all the studies are pointing toward the importance of finding a better way to work and pursue our goals.

We now know that chronic stress can affect your brain and contribute to depression, suppress your thyroid, cause blood-sugar imbalances, decrease bone density and muscle tissue, raise blood pressure, reduce your immunity and ability to heal, and increase fat deposits around your abdomen that are associated with heart attacks, strokes and elevated “bad” cholesterol. It can also affect your sleep, which leaves you “running on empty” and robs your body of its chance to recharge and repair.

Despite the potential health risks, the temptation to work long hours, filling our lives with stress, can be hard to resist for those who feel compelled to prioritize work over everything else. And business owners can often be the worst when it comes to stealing from the “life” part of a work-life balance as they pursue business success.

The desire to build a successful business, wear all the hats, or simply keep their head above water makes business owners even more vulnerable than others. I see it all the time
in my clients, but I have also been there myself.

There was a time I worked myself into the ground with my drive to excel. I was always trying to prove myself. I would get a sick feeling when I would fall behind in my work or a project went unfinished, so I found myself staying behind to finish off work to prove myself and overcome that sick feeling of being inadequate. But somehow, no matter how much time I put in or how hard I worked, it was never enough in my mind.

Even when I left the corporate world to start my own business and have more control over my workload and time, I soon found myself going down that too familiar workaholic road once again.

I was so focused on making sure the money was coming in, I found myself working longer and harder. I’d start my day in my office, head back there after dinner, and then go back again before turning in. I often even found myself working into the early morning hours when I couldn’t sleep.

My thinking was that all I needed was one more sale and I would have the income needed. But I was on the roller coaster of sales-revenue-spending, sales-revenue-spending, which made that unlikely. Stuck in that cycle, and without insight into what was driving me, I was never satisfied with my efforts. And I paid the price in terms of my health.

After being diagnosed with a stress-induced, life-threatening illness, I finally faced the truth about my compulsion to put work above all else. I realized the choices I’d been making were literally killing me. It was my wake-up call. I hope yours comes before you’re faced with life-changing consequences. In fact, I hope yours is now!

The question is… do you want to make a change? Are you happy with where you are, or do you dream of a more balanced, less-stressful life?

The truth is, we can never achieve perfect balance all the time. It’s more like a tug-of-war where the energy shifts based on what’s pulling on the need for your time. But you can start drawing some boundaries and making more conscious choices – for you and for the sake of your relationships and your health. Putting action to the insight you’ve gained will help you create some powerful, meaningful changes in your life.

I can help you determine the actions that will bring those meaningful changes. I can help you get on a healthier path to life-balance AND business success. I promise there are actions you can take that will make you stronger and actually increase your ability to achieve and succeed. You’ll just be working smarter rather than harder.

You can achieve success without the stress – and have a healthier,
more balanced life in the process!

I truly hope you’ve gained some insight here that leads to a healthier path and empowers you to start creating a healthier business and more balanced life – one that works well for you.

If you’re wondering what to do now, I invite you to consider coaching with me. We will work together to get you jump-started on the path to less stress and a healthier business and life. You can learn more about all the coaching options using the button below.