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Hugging the Curve

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Here’s the analysis of your results…

It looks like your life is a bit of a wild ride and you could be heading
in a very stressful direction! But you have the opportunity to make some meaningful changes now that can dramatically
change the course of your life and business.

Have you ever been driving along and suddenly come upon a sharp curve that almost landed you in a ditch?

Maybe you knew it was coming and tried to adjust your speed to safely navigate through, but didn’t compensate enough for how sharp the curve really was…

Maybe it snuck up on you and you felt the panic when you realized you could be in trouble…

Or maybe you took the curve with an overblown sense of confidence that the lowered speed limit was for others and, because you are such a good driver, didn’t apply to you.

Whatever your thinking was at the time, I would bet the experience of almost losing control as you were going around that curve got your attention, scared you a little, and maybe even caused you to slow down a little more the next time you saw a sharp-curve-ahead sign.

Based on your answers to this quiz, your life seems to be trending toward a “sharp curve in the road” experience. There are most likely signs of a problem that you’re either missing,
trying to compensate for, or choosing to ignore.

You might love what you do and work hard at it, but too many days may be spinning out of control for you. You may also be working too many hours and sacrificing relationships for work. There may be tension in your primary relationships. You may even be experiencing some health issues that are directly related to your stress levels.

Having too many days spin out of control and feeling overwhelmed are signs
that something is “off” and shouldn’t be ignored.

Fortunately, there is time to make some meaningful changes that will allow you to more effectively manage the pace, still do what you love, AND enjoy life with more balance – without sacrificing achievement and success.

I’ll be honest, the truth is that there really is no such thing as a life that’s perfectly balanced all the time.

In some ways, work-life balance is like a tug-of-war. Sometimes one area of life takes priority over the other, then it will shift back the other way for a bit. A big part of a work-life balanced life requires flexibility and life management. With increased awareness, better organizational and time-management skills, and intentional choices, you can more effectively juggle the give and take – and reduce the stress.

And there’s no better time than now to start!

Part of finding a healthy work-life balance involves understanding your values and what you value in life, so you can make conscious decisions that honor those values. We all have to prioritize. It’s just a bit more of a challenge for someone who is compelled to excel and sets unrealistically high expectations for themselves.

It is possible to make choices that reduce stress and allow you to allocate your
time in a way that honors what you value in life!

Adjusting expectations and learning to manage your time effectively will increase your productivity and allow you to plan the hours and days better, so you can keep everything in control.

The implementation of some strategies, tips, and tools will also keep you from careening into a “life ditch” – faced with more serious health problems or broken relationships.

If one of your goals is to honor family relationships and friendships more, make sure your choices regarding commitments and obligations send that message to the people you care about loud and clear. Block out time for them and make that time just as important as work time – nothing knocks that block off the schedule!

You can also incorporate systems and processes into your work time to Expand Your Capacity and Systemize Your Success. The more efficient you make the work you do, the less time you’ll have to spend working and the more time you’ll have for all the other things that matter too!

If you have tips, tools, and strategies you can use to manage life (your time, your obligations, your commitments and your interests), you have a better chance of a work-life balance that
reduces stress and improves your quality of life –
in all areas.

Balancing work and life is an ongoing challenge. This is even more true for those who are “Hugging the Curve” due to unhealthy habits and behaviors that are leading you down a dangerous road – mostly because you may not fully be feeling the pain of the choices you’re making yet. But the innovative thinking and vision that has made you a great business owner also gives you what you need to tackle this.

We are only in control of our Time, Energy, Money, Attitudes and Behaviors, but that is more than enough to help us create the life and business we imagine in those quiet moments when we dream of what is possible – and what we really want.

If your dream for your life and business is falling short in your reality, you really can change your course. Now is the perfect time to do it!

If you’re wondering what to do now, I invite you to consider coaching with me. We will work together to get you jump-started on the path to less stress and a healthier business and life. You can learn more about all the coaching options using the button below.